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Because of you, it'll never be the same again.

"I wish someone would have warned me that when you fall in love, you give a piece of your heart that you’ll never get back, no matter how many nights I scream your name into my pillow until my throat is raw and my eyes sting. I wish someone would have warned me that I would avoid going certain places again simply because it would remind me of you too much. I wish someone would have warned me that it’s so easy to lose yourself when you’re busy chasing someone else. I wish someone would have warned me that time can only heal what you’re willing to let it. I wish someone would have warned me that I can’t lose what was never mine."
So here’s my warning to you (via bitchin-brandi)
When you see your crush walk by…


If I’m dating you, you don’t need to get jealous of other people. I am with you, only you. If you ever think I’m flirting with other people, I’m not. There’s a reason why I chose you and only you. I only want you, no one else. You are mine. I am yours.

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"It was their secret, a secret meant for just the two of them, and she’d never been able to imagine how it would sound coming from someone else. But, somehow, Logan made it sound just right."
Nicholas Sparks, The Lucky One (via feellng)

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"I can’t promise you a perfect relationship, but what I can promise you is this- if you are willing to try, I’m staying."
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I miss you. I need you. *cries for 2 hours*
Hmm you know what? i changed my mind, it is your loss babe.

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when i walk through my school(-:

This make me sad, beceuse I know how this fell…
to be empty.
What more is there to lose once you’ve lost everything you’ve had? How much more can you mess up your pretty face with the drugs & alcohol when the tears have already destroyed the last bit of happiness that was left on your face? There’s no more fucks given when you don’t have that one person to wake up to anymore; the person who have you the inspiration to continue and strive? When now, all you want to do is scramble to find the last bit of happiness there is to live for. When you’re pretty doll face turns into smudged mascara from the tears running down your soft & tear stained cheeks. When the only thing left to numb the pain is the drinking and smoking and the love you force yourself into when ALL you want is him.
Stealing your girl like…